Software Development


We can offer bespoke development of rich client applications for Windows and iOS, and back-end server or cloud-bases services, integration and maintenance of legacy systems or new green-field projects.


Consultancy Service


Design and Concept

We can work with you from early concept sketches and requirements gathering to define the scope and capability of your application, through functional prototypes to delivery and maintenance of your application.

Integration of New Legacy Systems

If you have an existing system that you need to integrate with a modern mobile system we can probably help.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements to see what we can do.

Agile Development

We employ Agile software development techniques and work closely with you, the customer, to focus on the most important needs of the software we're developing for you.  The Agile process results in more transparent project, delivering working software sooner and to a better quality than more traditional methods can, while allowing you finer control of how the project evolves.

Sub Contracting

If required, we can work on temporary contracts or as sub-contractors to larger projects on or off-site.  We are able to offer Agile project management, software development on Windows and iOS using C#, C++, Objective-C, WPF/Silverlight, WCF & Azure.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.